The Blue SDU think tank participants spent the day at the Danish Maritime Fair to celebrate and highlight their work during the Think Tank Challenge.

Tuco Marine was on hand with one of their cool ProZero vessels to announce the prizes.

Representatives of the student teams presented their findings, highlighting ways to expand on the idea of integrated user manuals to gain value added in safety, maintenance, and user experience through more integrated technology.

Lots of creativity and high quality effort is on display in their report, available here!

Thanks are due to many for making this inaugural Think Tank experience such a success – the dedicated students, the BlueSDU faculty, funder Danish Maritime Fund, Connector Maritime Cluster Funen, Challenge Provocateur Tuco Marine, and many supporting staff and cheerleaders. We look forward to future iterations – please join me in welcoming this year’s participants into the first “alumni class” of the Blue SDU Think Tank!