In March, our research group hosted a workshop on Past Energy Transitions in Esbjerg. With about 20 participants gathered for 2.5 days, we covered a wide range of topics in the economic history of energy transitions. We’ve had a little time now to digest all the great presentations, and here we offer some thoughts from each day.

Day 1: Keynote: A Cost Benefit of Historical Energy Transitions and Session 1: Capital and Durable Goods – Path Dependency

Day 2: Keynote: The energy transitions of the periphery and Session 2: Theory, plus field excursion

Day 3: Keynote: Oil Transportation Risks and Session 3: Fuels and their Purposes, Session 4: Development and Growth

The workshop is the first of a series on energy transitions. We’ll be having a “Present Energy Transitions” workshop in Oslo in the beginning of 2018 and one on “Future Energy Transitions” in Tampere later in 2018, so stay tuned for more insights!