As part of a developing research project in Arctic Marine Tourism, Chris Horbel and I participated with others from academia, industry and tourism professionals, Arctic governance agencies, and local and indigenous communities brought together by the Polar Research and Policy Initiative (PRPI) in Tromsø, Norway in a High Level Dialogue on SDGs in the Arctic. It was a lively and wide-ranging conversation about the many facets of tourism’s dependence on resources and infrastructure, and connections to the SDGs. You can watch a video of the dialogue here (in two parts): 8th High Level Dialogue on SDGs in the Arctic.

Topics discussed included:

Conflicts in resource use amongst stakeholders

Scale and scope of sustainable resource use in tourism

Branding Challenges for the Arctic and its communities

Marine Resources in Tourism

“Slow Risk” and consequences of failing to adapt to economic and ecological change

Faroe Islands success stories, including “Faroe Islands Translate” and “Google Sheep View”

Industry engagement and philanthropy in tourism locales