Elsevier, in lots of trouble with academics around the world (California, Germany and Sweden, academics everywhere) for its extractive business model, appears to be trying to earn some good will and has put together a set of free-to-access (through the end of 2019) articles on threats to marine ecosystems and conservation of the environment, available here. The ostensible occasion is the S20 International Conference on Science and Technology for Science, starting in Japan today.

I was pleased while perusing the contents list to see my overview of a special issue, “Introduction to special issue: Arctic marine resource governance,” written with Linda Fernandez, Sue Moore and Niels Vestergaard as one of the 20 articles selected. This is the very same article that ResearchGate was told by Elsevier to send me a “notice of claimed infringement” about last October with a threat to kick me off ResearchGate, even though the 2 year (!) moratorium had ended.

Of course, it is an overview of a half dozen more detailed and in-depth articles with all the “meat of the matter” in them, most of which do not appear to have become open access. For your convenience, here are their references, with their doi links. Please write the authors for copies if you don’t have access directly!

Bertelsen, R. G., & Gallucci, V. (2016). The return of China, post-Cold War Russia, and the Arctic: Changes on land and at sea. Marine Policy, 72, 240-245.

Ayles, B., Porta, L., & Clarke, R. M. (2016). Development of an integrated fisheries co-management framework for new and emerging commercial fisheries in the Canadian Beaufort Sea. Marine Policy, 72, 246-254. (should be open access)

Thorsell, D. E., & Leschine, T. M. (2016). An evaluation of oil pollution prevention strategies in the Arctic: A comparison of Canadian and US approaches. Marine Policy, 72, 255-262.

Agnarsson, S., Matthiasson, T., & Giry, F. (2016). Consolidation and distribution of quota holdings in the Icelandic fisheries. Marine Policy, 72, 263-270. (should be open access)

Young, O. R. (2016). Governing the Arctic ocean. Marine Policy, 72, 271-277.

Sundet, J. H., & Hoel, A. H. (2016). The Norwegian management of an introduced species: the Arctic red king crab fishery. Marine Policy, 72, 278-284.

And if you enjoy these, I will remind you we have a whole book on the topic:

Again, if you want access and can’t get any of the chapters, ask us!

Image credit: Brooks A. Kaiser ©2014 All rights reserved.