We here at MERE have been building a global network centered around Arctic and sub-Arctic crabs for several years now. Why? It’s not just because they are wonderful Lunar New Year celebration foods. We see these global high-value commodities, and the changes in their ecological and economic conditions in recent years, as clear examples of the disruptions and uncertainties ahead. And not only can our network integrate research across disciplines for publications and conference presentations, we have also found that sharing science and practice regarding the crab fisheries at this global level has facilitated collaborations that reduce risks and improve outcomes for fisheries experiencing rapid and dramatic shifts from climate and other impacts. That’s the focus of our latest publication in Marine Policy, available here (full text free access for a limited time). Check it out!

Kaiser et al (2021), Global ecological and economic connections in Arctic and sub-Arctic crab markets, Marine Policy 127.

Image credit: “Horsehair Crab, Red King Crab, Snow Crab, Senchonoie, Lake Saroma, Saroma-ko, Kitami, Hokkaido, Japan, 毛蟹, 帝王蟹, 鱈場蟹, 松葉蟹, 船長之家, 魚師丸船長之家, 榮浦, 佐呂間湖, 猿澗湖, 北見, 北海道, 日本, タラバ, 毛ガニ, ズワイ, カニ, 蟹, 船長の家, 栄浦サロマ湖畔, 栄浦, サロマ湖, サロマこ, きたみし, ほっかいどう, にっぽん, にほん” by bryan… is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0