The third and final workshop in our successful series on energy transitions with partners University of Tampere and the Oslo Center for Research on Environmentally Friendly Energy is coming up soon!

Keynote Speakers:

Prof. Peter Lund, Aalto University – Finland

Group leader of the New Energy Technologies Research Group, Peter Lund has long experiences in future and multidisciplinary energy issues: energy transition, smart urban energy and nanoenergy.
Prof. Eva Heiskanen, University of Helsinki – Finland
Principal investigator of the Consumer Society Research Centre, Eva Heiskanen has focused on learning from renewable energy pilots and the consumer’s role of the energy transition.

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We’ll be meeting in Tampere, Finland, October 17-19, 2018, where our primary purpose is to identify and provide guidance in understanding the main, inherently interdisciplinary challenges of future energy transitions. Key topics are:

  • political, economic, technological and socio-cultural factors shaping the future energy transitions
  • electrification, electric vehicles; smart grids, cities & homes
  • innovation, participation and prosumers in future energy transitions

We aim to increase research networking and understanding to examine the full spectrum of dimensions affecting energy transitions more inclusively, with particular attention on energy networks and consumption. Our primary focus is on the Nordic region, but also more general contributions are welcome.

Find the call here:

Future Energy Transitions CFP