I was flattered to be interviewed by the Polar Research and Policy Initiative (PRPI) about our book on Arctic Marine Resource Governance and Development that came out a few months ago.  It’s a terrific organization for cultivating and disseminating Polar research, with the ambition and scope to assist policy development across a wide range of important Polar issues under one integrated, interdisciplinary framework, and I recommend you check it out! Full disclosure: I’m a fellow there.

You can see the transcript of the interview here.

I’ll be providing some information about the various chapters in the book in the coming weeks, but here’s a table of contents to whet your appetite:



Table of contents (10 chapters)

  • Introductory Material


  • The International Political Systemic Context of Arctic Marine Resource Governance; Bertelsen, Rasmus Gjedssø; Pages 3-17
  • Reshaping Energy Governance in the Arctic? Assessing the Implications of LNG for European Shipping Companies; Holmes, R., McCauley, D., Hanley, N. ; Pages 19-32


  • Regulating Fisheries in the Central Arctic Ocean: Much Ado About Nothing? Rayfuse, Rosemary; Pages 35-51


  • A Half Century in the Making: Governing Commercial Fisheries Through Indigenous Marine Co-management and the Torngat Joint Fisheries Board; Snook, Jamie, Cunsolo, A., Morris, R. ; Pages 53-73


  • Scenario Analysis for Arctic Marine Resource Policy; Vestergaard, Niels; Pages 75-86


  • Long Run Transitions in Resource-Based Inuit Communities; Kaiser, Brooks A. and Parchomenko, A. Pages 89-114


  • Ballast Water and Invasive Species in the Arctic; Holbech, Henrik, and Pedersen, K.L.; Pages 115-137


  • Arctic Port Development; Pahl, Julia and Kaiser, B.; Pages 139-184


  • Arctic Ports: Local Community Development Issues; Kaiser, B., Pahl, J. and Horbel C.; Pages 185-217


  • Conclusions; Kaiser, B., Kourantidou, M., Vestergaard, N., Fernandez, L and Nymand-Larsen, J.; Pages 219-227